Thursday, November 19, 2009

character sketching

Some character stuff I whipped up. Exploring shapes and line and contrasting lines, straight versus curved, and learning to draw through the character and not around it. Its all about trying to convince your audience that the image is existing in a 3d dimensional space on a 2 dimensional plane.....well at least that's what the books say( cough cough)

still motion

To get a feel for animating characters I thought about watching some dvds and sketching sequential frames to study some movement. I landed on Pirates of the Caribbean and started these line drawings from there. Attitude, posing, the basics. Good exercise.


Pantomime was the main goal for this last assignment, we were assigned a generic character and told to keep his body language clear and concise. I made some headway with my drawing after reading up on alot of old school artist who really dig into what it is they're creating. So I really kept it loose so I could get in there with the movement and action. Originally the character was a bit bulkier but when my proffessor was helping me tweak some frames for emphasis on action. He went in there with some dynamic shapes and tore the lid of the thing. SO I went back and really tried to feel out the character. He still needs some inbetweens and break downs so that he runs even smoother,but for what its worth the little project taught me alot. "Remember to get to know your characters, they'll like you more!"