Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to the drawing board! ( lll )

So these are the cleaned up looks for these initial characters, with our DETECTIVE and his love interest high on top of the list. I think this is going to be the working (stress on working) aesthetic for the characters in this series. As I said before a disheveled, lumbering, brutish looking detective adds some flavor to what I had originally planned and I'm going to keep pushing the envelope and see what some more silhouettes and shapes test might churn out in time for all his arch nemeses. if you've never heard the infamous "My Funny Valentine" song covered by so many great musical talents, you should. when I create for this series that's all I listen to, look it up and see if you get the idea. stay tuned for the updates. Comment 'n check 'em out.

Back to the drawing board! ( part deu ll )

From the previous post this mash up of images was set up to give a sense of what was going through my head when trying to solidify a look and aesthetic ( I love that word), which was the next step,( we were also steadily narrowing down the characters for another line-up, soon to follow). It came to a point where I said.. you know what this still isn't working. Especially after a critique I had. the class tossed around interesting ideas but for some reason I wasn't content with my detectives outward appearance anymore... I thought it would be more interesting if his looks played no part in winning him the ladies.Just his wit and no mess attitude. A seasoned detective. check it out! more details to come, the sultry femme fatale (working on names) and just a tip of the iceberg as far as his opposition goes. I'm trying to build this dark and twisted world from a solid foundation. Comment 'n check it out!

Back to the drawing board!

One of my many assignments in my bag 'o' workload was to build some characters from the ground up. No solid story plot, but enough meat on the bones to create a solid cohesive batch of characters. Being that these characters are geared towards animation I decided to keep the look simple,(well...duh) BUT!! try to capture some personality. I couldn't help but visit my old detective friend from from my fall semester days.. I felt like I didn't do him justice so a while back, since I saw a window I jumped through it. More details to come on that front these were the selected silhouettes from the couple rounds that I did. Check 'em out!


Recently I was asked by one of my home-skillets, to help out with concepts for a senior thesis project he's tackling. Aside from the fact that his ideas are solid, and his drive is nothing short of inspirational, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do some critical thinking thanks to him and feed off some of that energy. So were moving things along 1 step at a time. This is the initial look and overall feel for the main character. I don't think its my place to divulge all the details about his project but time will tell so stay tuned as I reveal the awesomeness, in the mean time I'll do my part. Every now and then I'll post these updates here and there,. Hes got a whole ton of images from more earlier works that I did for the project, these are just nitpicked for my blog. I'll give you guys the link as soon as I figure out how to work this damn link thing!


Off to an interesting start this quarter, but the more time that passes by the more I realize how important it is to practice and produce work. I've said in previous post I was going to post specific stuff. Instead I'll post the most recent up dates fill in the blanks and keep things moving from there. I'm currently enrolled in two character design based classes, awesome stuff, good insight, great films, butt-loads of inspiration! check out whats new.Hope everyone's hanging in strong.