Monday, March 29, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This post is in recognition of the talent,drive,and overall enthusiam that has gone into a great friend and dare I say "colleague" of mines thesis no need for names check out this link you will get all the introduction you'll ever need!(CHECK SIDE BAR FIREFLY) A while back I posted some initial sketches and early concepts for the project, suffice to say that this thesis has grown into something memorable, with a bunch of crew members who got on board knowing full well that this project was a special one. All the time and effort that has been put into the film by him and his team shows through the deceptive effortlessness that comes across on screen. I have had the privilege of being a apart of that initial experience and feel more than honored to share a tiny portion of the spotlight that is "Firefly." My job today is spreading the word and sharing with a broader audience something I feel you should also have the privilege of being apart of. Deadlines are fast approaching for many end of year projects and screenings and this Thesis is no exception!. So go bask in the concepts and awesome animation they've got going along with all the blogs and links attached to the site, up top is the official poster that was released by the Firefly team. As for the film itself keep checking back for details and make sure to check out their blog for the final film "coming soon." and more importantly good luck to you guys I'm rooting for you!!

Rough Key Poses

My early assignment for my 2D -3D aniamtion class. Key poses utilizing a currently exisiting character model. in this case the rhino from Disney's 1973 animated feature Robin Hood.The goal of the assignment is to have the character react to something that he/she hears behind a wall or door and have a different attitude in the final pose in contrast to the original pose,did these using adobe flash.