Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, I recently joined a conceptual illustration class and since the beginning of the semester I've been learning more and more about the creative process behind creating characters, vehicles, and environments all quintessential elements to story telling, which is why concept artist.....well do what what they do! Design books of that same category are always fun to read and provide a wealth of knowledge for the hungry reader, the aspiring artist, or the dude that just wants to see cool stuff! But for those of us who just want to learn a bit more and expand... one book I highly recommend is THE SKILLFUL HUNTSMAN, a great read for those learning even the most basic conceptual approaches.

Step 1- Silhouettes : when creating a character one likes to think of it as ICONIC, believe it or not figuring out what shapes work and automatically say what the character (vehicle, environment, etc. is about before even glancing the detail makes for an ICONIC character! which is something stressed in my courses....and believe it or not it's more important than one might think....shapes shapes shapes!! what says this characters a bad guy or an advocate of pure good! so here are some of the silhouettes and shapes I started out with originally when coming up with two combatants( that was the objective of the project)

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