Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PROJECT: MARSHALL (Concepts) Hawthorne CITY

HAWTHORNE CITY- This is the courtyard scenario, where the citizens would come to pray. Here I tried to give insight to what the ghettos of Hawthorne would look like and where Marshalls story would really take place I'm going to flesh it out some more but in the mean time try to get a sense of what principles this city might have been built on and where it has ended up today. I was inspired by some of the earlier scenes in blade runner, so I'm going to strive to make it feel even more cluttered and clamored, Neon lights and steam rising from manholes in the underground. Here I have the original and the slighty expanded version which I feel immerses you a bit more into the scene. I'm gonna go get to working these projects. Till next time!


Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

Hey, bro. Great blog so far. This environment piece is very successful. Hope you had a good break. See you around.

Illink said...

I finally got your blog link. Looking god so far. Keep them coming