Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As the title says, creating vehicles and environments. Form vs Function. These were done a while back but none the less were one step forward. so the plan was to create an organic and a technological vehicle set. The organic vehicle after much pondering I decided to hit the drawing board again with that one but in the meantime here is small insight into how the technological came to be. It still needs work but I pulled some cool knowledge from it. The bottom thumbnail was a first timer process, but apparently it is a favored approach when figuring out a solid clean vehicle design. so silhouettes then a fleshed out 3 quarter gray marker technique( seen at bottom) scanned and then painted in Photoshop. yeah.......it was a long night. Obviously inspired by what a lot of us are , the genius of hover vehicles and pod racers, and the ocasional floating motorcylce, just straight conceptualizing for a fantasy type realm. in this case who cares how it works.......it has to look cool!

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TheGroundworks said...

Cool concepts....keep em' coming!